Is Worth to Invest in Storj (STORJ)?

Storj (STORJ)

Storj (STORJ) DCS is an open-source, decentralized cloud storage layer. This system enables developers and users to save on cloud storage fees and earn by providing access to unused space on their hard drives. The platform was among the first in the world to offer a decentralized cloud storage option. Best of all, the network is private by design. All data gets split, distributed, and stored multi-regionally across the globe as part of this strategy.

STORJ History

Since its launch, Storj (STORJ) has seen considerable growth. Notably, the concept first came to light during a Texas Bitcoin Hackathon. It was at that time that Shawn Wilkinson, the company’s founder, revealed his concept to the world via a prototype. In less than a year his concept was reality. Today, Storj Labs encompasses 60+ globally distributed employees, in dozens of countries across the globe.

What Problems Does Storj (STORJ) DCS Solve?

Storj (STORJ) DCS provides a number of key advantages to help developers build more secure and private applications. The protocol provides a viable alternative to the large mega cloud hosting services currently dominating the sector. Firms such as Amazon use their strong market positioning to control the prices and features available to users. Storj eliminates these barriers and provides users with a more efficient way to access cloud storage services.


One of the main problems that Storj (STORJ) eliminates is centralization. Today’s cloud service providers offer centralized services to users exclusively. This leaves users at a disadvantage as this strategy leaves a single point of failure. It also exposes users to censorship and other recourse. Storj eliminates outages, downtime, bitrot, ransomware, and data breaches.

High Fees

Another pain point that Storj (STORJ) attempts to tackle head-on is high fees. Using any of the major cloud service provider’s services is expensive. They know you have few options, so the pricing is set accordingly. Storj provides decentralized cloud storage at a fraction of the price of a single availability zone from centralized providers like AWS. Users can even start using the service free of charge. Specifically, the free tier of decentralized cloud object storage includes three projects with 50 GB each and 50 GB bandwidth each


Security concerns were always at the forefront of Storj developer’s interests. They wanted to ensure the Storj (STORJ) enabled developers to build in the best data protection and privacy into their applications. Dapp creators enjoy more flexibility when using Storj. The system provides services such as delegated authorization. This feature provides flexible and ultra-secure capabilities for access management.

Storj also combines a variety of security protocols to ensure the blockchain remains secure and resistant to hacking. The network employs a zero-trust architecture, multi-region high availability, default encryption, and edge-based access controls as part of this strategy.

Storj (STORJ) DCS Benefits

There are many reasons why a person would want to consider using Storj (STORJ) for their storage needs. The platform offers a seamless and secure way to participate in its services. Users enjoy transparency far beyond that of centralized services. Notably, Storj is open source so developers can build upon the core structure to create new and more intuitive add-ons to the network.

S3 compatibility

As part of Storj’s strategy to simplify integration, the network was built to be s3 compatible. S3 is an object storage protocol first introduced by Amazon more than 15 years prior. This protocol organizes data into objects. These objects contain the data, its metadata, and a unique identifier. Advanced APIs can then communicate with this data securely. Today, S3 cloud storage modules are the industry standard.

Storj (STORJ) DCS Community

AS with any decentralized project, the community plays a vital role in determining the direction Storj (STORJ) develops. The network includes a vibrant user community. These users simplify the research and launch aspects of Dapps because they provide developers access to community discussions and support. In turn, this strategy enables developers to economically and easily learn and leverage decentralized cloud storage technology.

Storj (STORJ) DCS Mechanics

Storj combines a variety of proprietary systems to accomplish its goal. The network includes a storage function, developer tools, and a communal aspect. Together these systems work together to provide Storj users with a new level of convenience in the market.

Storj DCS

The Storj Decentralized Cloud Storage system is the core feature of the network. This protocol handles a number of vital functionalities. The protocol leverages a default encryption strategy that splits up data into 80 or more pieces and distributed it across thousands of diverse nodes and ISPs in nearly 100 countries.

Storj (STORJ) DCS Developer Tools

The Storj (STORJ) developer’s tool kit is an essential component of the platform. This feature includes a robust library of open source technical documentation and familiar development tools. The goal of this feature is to ease new users into the platform and allow them to leverage Storj’s unique technical aspects to create better Dapps.

Bottom Line

Storj (STORJ) has long been a pioneering force in the market. The protocol was among the first to offer decentralized cloud services to the masses in an affordable and easily accessible manner. For these reasons, Storj is set to remain the premier decentralized cloud service provider in the market for the foreseeable future.

Storj (STORJ)


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