Avalanche Staking Rate Reaches 50% as AVAX Overperforms Crypto Market


Avalanche’s price performance remains one of the most stable on the market as the staking rate of the network reaches 50%

The staking rate of the Avalanche network has exceeded 50%, with most of the stakingrs located in the United States and using Amazon Cloud Services to validate the network, WuBlockchain reports.

As the journalist reports, he expects the staking rate for the network to rise in the future. A total of 64.5% of the validator nodes are powered by Amazon Cloud Services, while the other half is redistributed among smaller providers like Digital Ocean, Heinzner Onli and Contabo. Surprisingly, Google LLC does not cover even 5% of providers’ distribution.

The second place nationally goes to Germany, with around 25% of all validators located in one of the largest countries in Europe.

Validator and delegator requirements

In order to become an AVAX validator, users must have at least 2,000 AVAX on their balance, which is now worth approximately $142,000. The requirement for delegators is more modest: 25 AVAX.

The minimum time frame for staking funds for validation is two weeks and the maximum is one year. The same requirements apply to delegation. The delegation fee rate is 2%.

The main danger for validators is the inability to invert transactions, hence, there is no way of changing the initial parameters for each node. After signing off on the transaction, users are not able to remove the stake too early or change the staking amount or reward address.

AVAX price performance

Thanks to the highly developed staking structure and the strong involvement of the AVAX community, the asset’s price is outperforming the market in general and has gained more than 17% since January, while similar assets like Solana are losing 12%.

At press time, AVAX is trading at $71 and continues to move in the rangebound formed since February.


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