Litecoin Founder Adds Shiba Dog to His Twitter Background Image, Praising Dogecoin


Charlie Lee has added DOGE symbol to his Twitter picture after tweeting that he would consider doing so

The Twitter background photo of LTC founder Charlie Lee now wears a Shiba Inu dog. But it’s not dedicated to the second-biggest meme piece of the same name. Lee added it to show his respect for Dogecoin and its mining community.

LTC founder adds Shiba Inu on Twitter

Earlier this week, Lee took to Twitter to boast the new all-time high of Litecoin’s mining hashrate: 500 TH/s. He pointed out that this was partly due to the DOGE mining community as Litecoin and Dogecoin are mined together. The tweet mentioning the ATH pushed the Litecoin price up a little bit.

This is called merge mining, when miners are rewarded for helping to verify transactions on both chains.

During the discussion under the celebratory tweet, a user from the DOGE army suggested that since Lee takes a positive view toward the original meme cryptocurrency, he should add something featuring Dogecoin to his Twitter background photo.

Lee suggested that if an appropriate image was created for him, he would consider putting it together.

Now, the LTC founder’s Twitter account shows a Shiba Inu dog—the initial symbol of Dogecoin—between human figures in virtual reality, walking together, representing Bitcoin and Litecoin. The Shiba holds DOGE in its paw.

LTC, DOGE in decline, hit by massive Bitcoin drop

Since hitting the $106 level that day, Litecoin has now lost around 10%, falling to $95.50.

Dogecoin is also showing a decline by 6.43%, according to CoinMarketCap. The cryptocurrency market has been in the red over the past two days, following Bitcoin’s plunge by roughly 8%—from the $39,000 zone to the $35,900 area by the time of writing this article.


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