Dogecoin Unveils Another Major Release


Libdogecoin is a C library that enables lightweight direct integration of Dogecoin Libdogecoin

initial release of libdoggecoinA C library of Dogecoin building blocks has been announced by the Dogecoin Foundation by core developer, Michi Lumin. LibDogecoin is a C library that enables lightweight direct integration of Dogecoin across different platforms without requiring developers to have in-depth blockchain knowledge.

Libdogecoin hopes to be a complete implementation of the Dogecoin Protocols as a C library, allowing anyone to create a Dogecoin-compliant product. Thus, in the first release, Libdogecoin v 0.1 remains a pure library, without the ability to “operate” a node.

The resulting adoption of the integration has placed the Dogecoin Foundation’s primary focus on utility. This is thought to be achievable by using the core functionality of Dogecoin and making it accessible as a simple C library with bindings for multiple languages, thereby increasing the community’s potential for innovation.

The Dogecoin Core wallet is currently encumbered with facilities that “slow down development” and are thus better separated into utilities, as the Dogecoin Foundation stated in the Libdogecoin trail map.

The Dogecoin team has been focusing in recent months on building the foundation for RadioDoge, Gigawallet and many other future projects as it focuses on building Libdogecoin. The first Dogecoin transaction, sent via RadioDOGE and reported by U.Today in April, was a milestone for the meme cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin developers also shared information on how to use Libdogecoin in a release note.

Robinhood Has 40.23 Billion Dogecoin From Investors

according to twitter account @DogewhalealertThe current combined total of Dogecoin held by stock brokerage app Robinhood on behalf of its investors is 40,238,383,728 DOGE, or $2,698,225,059.

As reported by U.Today, Dogecoin’s new website recently went live as well as the release of Dogecoin core update v.1.14.6. The website, which boasts several new features, includes Dogepedia, which aims to educate and “squash the FUDs.”


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