Here’s How SHIB Army Could Burn 1.3 Billion Per Day: Shib Burner


This Shib burn platform founder believes that burning 1.3 billion meme coins per day is potentially real deal

Founder of SHIB Burn Shop, whose burn tools include the Amazon Affiliate Program, have tweeted That shiba inu army can easily burn 1.3 billion meme coins daily through its platform.

1.3 billion SHIB could be burned per day

@shib_superstore account on Twitter, which represents a mobile phone game shop founded by Travis Johnson, has published a tweet in which he reminded the community of the tools that help him move Shiba Inu coins to deadend wallets on a weekly basis.

Travis Johnson is positive that the SHIB army can easily burn 1.3 billion Shiba per day with the help of games for mobile phones offered by his online shop.

He also stated that now is the perfect time to burn meme coins while the SHIB price is trading low.

Amazon Becomes a “Solid Daily Burner”

Earlier this week, Johnson referred to the Amazon affiliate program he’s using as a “solid daily burner” for the shop. According to his tweet, this allows him to withdraw 426,621 to 4,212,299 SHIB per day from $5 to $50.

Therefore, the amount of SHIB that could be destroyed thanks to commissions from Amazon per month would total 122,306,201.


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