Gameta NFT Review: Crypto Web3 Game, Play To Earn

Gameta is a platform that allows users to play different casual games in the same place. Its goal is to migrate as many people as possible from Web2 to Web3. Gameta targets a wide audience and believes it can merge the products we used in the Web2 era, such as music, games and media, into a new Web3 experience.

What is Gamete NFT

Gameta is a platform that allows users to play different casual games under one roof. Its goal is to migrate as many people as possible from Web2 to Web3. They claim to be the best when it comes to transitioning users from a Web2 to Web3 experience. Gameta provides low-threshold access to Web3 and an X2 earnings aggregator has a product model consisting of four components: Immigrate, Establish, Build, and Tokenomics.

New users are required to pay a small amount of gas fee and are also catered for with automated on-chain address creation. Gamers are inundated with a variety of hyper-casual games that are low-cost in labor. Gameta targets a wide audience and believes it can merge the products we used in the Web2 era, such as music, games and media, into a new Web3 experience. As of now, they have built three application scenarios. These are Games, Tools and Learning.

Games in Gamete

Gameta has a collection of the most casual and fun games to start with. These games are easy to play, unlike other P2E games out there. As you play, you can earn money and have the original gaming experience with quality and casual gameplay.

Gamete: Tools

Tools are a little more popular because they are considered necessary in everyday life. Gameta offers apps for fonts, video editors, funny stickers and more. Tools aren’t just a necessity, they’re also a source of fun. The tools application’s broad market appeal makes it easy to spread the benefits of Web3 to a wider audience.

Gamete: Learn to win

Gameta allows users to learn how to win, which is a quality in itself. From now on, the priority is the vocalization of training needs and it has already covered some key areas of the career. As users settle into the Web3 universe, they gain access to new experiences. Some of which are as follows.

  • DeFi protocols such as swap and borrow are available. This helps consumers make better use of their crypto assets.
  • Interaction with other players. Users can send messages to other players that promote a healthier and less toxic gaming environment. This can be achieved by developing a Web3 network map with the help of Gameta.
  • Gametaverse aims to be an open source ecology, available on multiple platforms. They hope to create an economy where everyone can be a builder as well as being a user.

How to begin?

First you should choose a Dapp that you find interesting. These Dapps can be games, tools or learning platforms. Once you find what you like, whether it’s a game, a tool, or to learn, go ahead and install Dapp via a link that can be found on the official website of Gamete.

Install the app, Register and Login

After installing the app, follow the onscreen instructions to help you register for the game. You will receive a safe phrase. This phrase is a form of Web3 password. Please keep your recovery passphrase in mind, This is a web3 form of password, which is very secure.

If you have completed the registration process, you can now log in and purchase an NFT. These can be purchased on the Marketplace. Remember that you need to have a cryptocurrency wallet to make these transactions. The account system has exchange grade security designed to keep your account safe. Of course, if you are a skilled blockchain user, you can forgo centralized accounts and instead use only decentralized accounts.


If you are a gaming user, you will first need to purchase NFT, which is necessary for you to start playing and earning revenue. Upon completing the appropriate levels and missions within the game, you will be rewarded with W3G and in some cases you will also receive Tokens of governance, the amount of earnings depends on the NFT you have. So if you own more NFTs, you will earn more money. This section of Gameta is diverse and fun as you can choose from a wide variety of games under one roof. You can select the game genre that interests you.


If you choose one of the tools products, registration and login is still the first step, and then you can use any of its features in its normal state. If you want to win, you’ll need to buy NFTs and complete specific tasks and actions. The amount of winnings will also depend on the number and quality of NFTs you have.


Gameta offers supplemental learning apps for vocational scenarios, and will strive to develop more learning apps to make more learning aspirations available. By registering and joining the Learning DAPP, you can complete your learning objectives in the normal way, but this will not bring you any financial benefit.

You can also choose to enter L2E mode, in which you first need to buy NFT, complete the apprenticeship or answer the challenge, and you will be rewarded W3G, the amount of reward still depends on the quantity and quality of NFT you have.

NFT Gamete

NFT is one of the projects that differentiate the P2E genre from the average game. Gameta’s NFT is divided into 2 main categories:

NFT Platform

Offered through IGO or other ways. NFTs with collector value and cross liquidity will circulate in the NFTs trading market and will have a high collector value. It could also be some sort of identity credential, serving as a credential for accessing the Gameta DAO organization, as well as acquiring certain interests.

NFT inside Dapp

DApp-specific NFTs, which vary from one DAPP to another but share the same type of property. These NFTs are essential for X2E and are obtained through judicious use, revenue efficiency depends on the quantity and quality of these NFTs. These NFTs cannot be used through Dapps and normally can only circulate on DAPP exchanges, where they have a usage scenario and a specific value.

NFT Gamete Properties

The NFT within DAPP has 3 attributes: Energy, Efficiency and Luck.


The energy value determines the upper limit of what you can put into the winning process. In order to ensure that the economic system can be stable and healthy in the long term, it is particularly necessary to control the chip production rate within the DAPP, and the energy value is a key factor that affects this production rate. The energy value of NFTs varies from one quality to another and, in general, the higher the quality, the higher the energy value of the NFTs.

But it is always contained within a range and does not increase and stack indefinitely. If you run out of energy, it will gradually recover at a certain rate, and once the energy level has been restored to a certain number, you can start the process of gaining again. Energy is restored but does not accumulate. If you don’t consume it, it won’t increase over time when it’s full, which means it’s wasted, so you can plan to use your energy to maximize the benefits.


The efficiency value determines how efficiently tokens are generated per unit of time. Like the energy value, the efficiency value varies within a range, usually increasing to some upper limit as the quality of the NFT increases. You can increase the efficiency value by upgrading the NFT quality and level.


Luck is your probability of getting a drop of treasure, the higher the value of luck, the more likely you are to drop a quality chest. The value of luck varies within a range, usually increasing to some upper bound as the quality of the NFT increases. You can increase the efficiency value by upgrading the NFT quality and level.

Uses of NFTs in Gameta

NFT Platform

An NFT brand that belongs to the gamete, similar to what the Bored Ape is for the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The NFT platform is a limited edition collector’s NFT, which can be held and traded over time to gain value. Naturally, due to its rarity and uniqueness, Gameta will continue to give you some special values, such as:

  • Users who own these limited NFTs have priority access to airdrops.
  • Users who own these limited NFTs can get priority access to certain new projects and enjoy more upfront bonuses.

NFT inside DAPP

NFTs inside a DAPP game are usually props too, they are necessary for you to play the game. In general, these NFTs mainly perform the function of Winning, and you can only start winning if you have a certain number of these NFTs. These NFTs can reproduce, i.e. generate new NFTs, and as they can be sold domestically, this is a way for you to make money. You can also choose to sell such NFTs directly for profit, you can sell them domestically on Dapp at a price you specify, generally the lower the price, the better the sale.

NFT Trading


To start earning, you need to have a certain number of NFTs in your possession. The initial number of NFTs required varies from one DAPP to another under the Gameta platform. To get NFT you need to go to the trading market and buy NFTs, which are mostly from other players who sell them.

In general, higher quality NFTs are more efficient and have an upper limit, but they are also rarer and more expensive, so buying them is risky and you need to make a reasonable judgment based on your situation. Before purchasing NFT, you need to fill your Gameta wallet with enough trading tokens, please note that transferring assets on the blockchain requires a gas fee.

NFT sale

Whether or not to sell NFT depends on your personal plans, and in some ways it is wise to sell to arbitrage when the market is good. As NFT can be created and there is a certain probability of creating better quality NFT, creating and selling NFT is a way to make a profit. Gameta charges a fee for the sale of NFT, actual value = transaction price – fee. To sell NFTs you need to go to the market and set a low price if you want to sell as quickly as possible.

Gamete wallet

Gameta Wallet is required for you to trade NFT, receive coins and HIP earnings. When you open the Gameta DApp for the first time, you will be asked to subscribe to the Gameta Wallet. Gmaeta Wallet is an asset management system that combines the experience of a centralized wallet with the security of a decentralized wallet.

The centralized wallet is designed to be easy to administer and use, and we will ensure the security of your account. The assets of Gameta’s centralized and decentralized wallets can be transferred to and from each of the wallets.

HIP and W3G tokens

The economic system is the core structure of the entire Dapp, which determines the durability and health of the X2E model. The core of Gameta’s economic system is supported by 2 types of tokens, the W3G which is the gold coin inside Dapp and the HIP coin which is the governance token. There is no direct exchange relationship between these.


W3G are revenue settlement tokens within DAPP within the Gameta platform. There is no limit to the total amount of W3G. To earn W3G, you need to have enough NFTs and complete the specified tasks. W3G’s rate of return depends on the quality of its NFTs and its strategy. With the W3G you get, you can go to the exchange and sell them, or you can choose to hold them for a long time and enjoy the appreciation gain, but you need to weigh the risk of ups and downs.

Final Thought

Gameta aims to bring the concept of web3 to the whole world. Its goal is to migrate as many people as possible from Web2 to Web3. The unique approach they took to the project also speaks volumes about their creative mindset. We hope to see Gameta grow a lot so that they can achieve their goal of changing the world with their innovative web3 ideas.


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