Doge Cofounder Kind of Reminds Elon Musk about Bitcoin


IT engineer Billy Markus has presumably reminded Tesla boss about Bitcoin laser eyes

Billy Marcus, who teamed up with Australian Jackson Palmer in 2013 to create the meme coin DOGE as a parody of bitcoin, commented on Elon Musk’s recent tweet, admitting he read Musk’s tweet differently for a moment . One would have assumed that he thought the Tesla boss was talking about bitcoin in his tweet again and after a long pause in “laser eyes”.

“Female dog” with laser eyes

Dogecoin cofounder posted a dog with laser eyes in response to a tweet Musk posted about the recent success of Starlink. Musk mentioned a “batch” with lasers reaching orbit, and Billy Markus admitted jokingly that he read the tweet differently for a moment. Judging by the dog with laser eyes, he may have implied Musk was tweeting about leading digital currency Bitcoin.

However, he then made it clear in further comments that he had read the word “batch” arriving in orbit with lasers … a little … differently, hence the picture of a dog, most likely female.

Earlier, Elon Musk tweeted that Starlink Internet is now available on all continents, including Antartica.

Musk recently omitted bitcoin from his tweet

It’s been a while since the Tesla chief mentioned bitcoin in his public messages (and memes) on Twitter. The last time he mentioned bitcoin specifically, or BTC as well as DOGE or crypto in general, was in mid-summer.

In August, the founder of MicroStrategy, the company with the biggest amount of BTC on its balance sheet, urged Musk to buy more Bitcoin. Elon once admitted that he owns Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin and that he was not selling any of these.

However, earlier this year, Tesla sold some of the BTC it had held since early 2021.


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