Amazon to Help Burn 140 Million SHIB, Here’s How Much Will Be Burned via E-Commerce Giant

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SHIB burn platform intends to destroy nearly 140 million SHIB this month with indirect help of Amazon

The @shib_superstore Twitter account, founded by the creator of the smartphone game Travis Johnson, has announced that the amount of SHIB burned is likely to cross 140 million meme tokens by the end of this month.

The Amazon affiliate program that Johnson began to use earlier this year is going to help him do that. In the meantime, the overall SHIB burn rate is down significantly in the past 24 hours and over the past week overall.

“Bringing September to 138.2 Million SHIB,” Amazon Will Burn 28 Million

In a recent tweet describing the total earnings the platform received on Sunday, September 18, Travis Johnson shared how much cash his game brought him in advertising revenue that day and what he earned on Amazon commissions.

The total amount that will be burned at the end of September is approaching $1,500+. At the current exchange level, this equals 138,248,847 Shiba Inu coins. The amount of SHIB burned via Amazon at this pace will be roughly 27,649,769 SHIB evaluated at $300.

Shib burn rate drops

According to data provided by the Shibburn portal, the overall rate of burning of SHIB tokens has seen a significant drop in the past 24 hours, down by 84.54%. In the above period, the community only managed to send 8,402,785 SHIB to the dead-end wallet.

It is not only the past 24 hours that saw a tiny amount of SHIB burnt. Throughout the past week, lumps of SHIB smaller than 100 million, often smaller than 50 million SHIB, were destroyed.

The community seems to have been slow on removing the SHIB token from the circulating supply. Even with 40% already shipped to “Inferno” wallets and permanently locked in them, the price still won’t rise to $1 or even $0.001, as this year In the beginning, many people expected.


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