Catboy coin (CATBOY) Review:

Catboy is a community-led NFT project founded and built by lovers of comics, manga, anime and pets. This token is a symbol of the spirit, cohesion and sharing of memes, manga and comic love communities around the world. In addition to building a strong community. Catboy cares about the real value the project brings. Bringing Catboy Merchandise, a Catboy NFT Marketplace and building a worldwide network of users to donate to feral cats and support struggling cat owners.

What is Catboy and how does it work?

Catboy is an NFT project that is popular with fans of manga, comics, anime, and pets, particularly cats. It is a decentralized network for financial transactions that aims to rebuild the traditional payment stack on the blockchain network. The platform makes use of various fiat currency-pegged stablecoins that are algorithmically stabilized by the reserve token to open up financial infrastructure development and facilitate programmable payments.

The Catboy token serves as a symbol of the spirit, vibe and sharing of memes, comics and manga-loving communities around the world. The Catboy NFT Marketplace, receiving the merchandise and all community members, aim to help struggling cat owners and donate to feral cats. The platform is passionate about the community and cares about the real values ​​the protocol hopes to achieve. There are three different NFT editions available within the platform’s own Dapp. Catboy NFTs can be staked on NFT staking platforms if one wants to passively win Tokens Catboy. All NFTs can be transferred, bought or sold on the Catboy Marketplace.

What is Catboy (CATBOY) for?

The main use of Catboy is to have a community of like-minded individuals who can come together to share memes, manga, comics and their love for pets. for financial difficulties and for the maintenance and well-being of wild cats. It also donates to cat charities. In addition, holders of the network’s NFTs can bet on the staking platform to passively earn Catboy tokens. Catboy Marketplace allows you to buy, sell and transfer all NFTs.

What makes Catboy (CATBOY) different?

There are many aspects of Catboy that make the platform so unique, because it’s unusual to find a platform that cares about the well-being of pets and real people like this one. It’s a platform that allows like-minded members to share things they like. and have in common. Catboy takes its uniqueness even further by having three unique and different editions of NFTs on the platform’s Dapp, which can be found in the Catboy marketplace.

NFTs in Catboy

NFTs Founder Edition

The start of Catboy begins with the Catboy Founder’s Edition Trading Cards. These NFTs are only available in Catboy Mystery Boxes, purchased with Catboy Tokens. Each Mystery Box is a surprise box that when opened reveals the Card-in-law. There are 18 different Catboy character cards, with varying degrees of rarity. With each Mystery Box mint, Catboy’s cleverness contract creates a lottery that burns the tokens used to buy the NFT or collects them in a pool to be used for wagering rewards, giveaways, or future spending.

These Founder Edition NFTs are eligible to be wagered and will receive varying APRs based on their rarity levels and can be bought and sold on Catboy’s NFT Marketplace. Each of these 18 different characters from the Catboy universe has an exciting and unique background along with different rarities based on the border of the card.

Rarity Rates:

  • 50% Common (1 Star)
  • 40% Uncommon (2 stars)
  • 8,9% Rare (3 Stars)
  • 1% epic (4 stars)
  • 0,1% Legendary (5 stars)

Saykun Edition

Saykun Edition holders gain exclusive access to the Catboy Token Pre-Order. Owning and maintaining one or more of these NFTs grants the holder exclusive access to the Catboy Merchandise store. Here the holder will receive free t-shirts, necklaces and accessories sent to their home.

In addition to these benefits, holders of these special Catboy NFTs can participate in exclusive contests via Twitter and Telegram, have a greater chance of winning. With Catboy DAPP, owning the Saykun NFT comes with the opportunity to stake the holder’s image to earn Catboy Tokens and other tokens, in various APRs and APYs as rewards. Buying and selling these NFTs will be easy for investors with Catboy’s NFT Marketplace. These Saykun Editon NFTs will also have an open policy to allow NFTs to mutate and change during Catboy’s Future.


The little catboy companions These algorithmically generated NFTs are all hand-drawn, with a variety of features. Using the smart contract features in Binance Smart Chain, each layer is assembled to create up to 5.000 unique NFTs. Holders are encouraged to create their own backstory for these adorable NFTs like these adorable Catboys sidekicks, making the investor’s collection complete and unique.

Bottom Line

Catboy cares about the real value the project brings. Bringing Catboy Merchandise, a Catboy NFT Marketplace and building a worldwide network of users to donate to feral cats and support struggling cat owners. Catboy has three different NFT editions that are available on CatBoys own dapp. In addition to mystery boxes with Founder Edition NFTs that contain their own rarity levels, NFTs can be staked on the NFT staking platform to passively earn Catboy tokens. All NFTs can be bought, sold or transferred on Catboy Marketplace.


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