SHIB Metaverse: Tech Trench Hub Inspired by Leading Universities Launched


This hub is intended to provide more in-depth connection with cultural reassurance and lessons learned

shib metaverse Just 24 hours after revealing the concept art for Beautiful Dunes has revealed another – an oasis of sorts, a giant sized environment of an adventure and modern place, complete with dazzling architecture and cool water.

This time, it shares the concept art of the tech trench hub. It explains the idea behind the tech trench environment as that of an immersive trench that was made in ancient times and yet has evolved into a hyper-technological avenue.

That said, the architectural designs were inspired by major universities and technical schools around the world, such as Yale University (United States), Princeton University (United States), Ottoman Gakuin University (Japan), Mori Hosseini Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (United States) States), Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower (Japan), Rolex Learning Center (Switzerland) and others.

This hub is intended to provide a more in-depth connection with cultural reassurance and lessons learned from SHIB’s journey as a project and community.

The team believes that community feedback is important for SHIB: The Metaverse. As a result, the Tech Trench Fireside Chat is set to take place on Thursday, November 17th at 5:00PM PST/8:00PM EST on the official Shibtoken Discord.

Here is concept art revealed so far

In July, SHIB partnered with the top visualization studio, The Third Floor (TTF), for the development of the SHIB metaverse.

Since the announcement of this historic partnership, work has been underway to establish the core structure for SHIB: The Metaverse.

The team explained that each concept artwork brings out the best in the visual representation process by which an environment is expressed or conveys a certain look. So far, the concept art of scenic dunes, growing dunes, Canyon, Rocket Pond, Wagmi Temple and Tech Trench has been unveiled.


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