$500 in SHIB When It First Came Out Would Have Made Millions Now: David Gokhshtein


Crypto influencer David Gokhshtein claims that those who invested in SHIB early are now sitting on millions of USD

In a recent tweet, crypto enthusiast David Gochstein, founder of Gochstein Media, said that early investments in Shiba Inu Meme Coin – such as when it only emerged in 2020 – may have brought investors millions of USD, but others Missed that chance.

He insists that investing in new coins is about “doing research and finding the pulse of the community.”

The influencer added in the next tweet that not all meme coins have the potential to gain the same potential as a Shiba Inu. He has been doing a lot of research but so far he has not found anything that can be compared to SHIB.

Betting on SHIB and DOGE in 2022

Gokhshtein has been quite supportive of the second biggest meme token, SHIB, throughout the year, as well as of the original meme token, DOGE. In his tweets, he has supported the SHIB Metaverse that is being created now and has been promising to add more SHIB to his stash.

Furthermore, he once admitted that he has bags of Dogecoin and believes that both these meme coins will skyrocket during the next bull run. He also recently said that these two are the only meme cryptos he will continue to buy, because for the others, he has to win them.

Supporting XRP and ADA too

Besides SHIB and DOGE, Gokhshtein also often tweets in support of Cardano’s native coin, ADA, and Ripple-affiliated XRP.

In a recent tweet, he said that if only innovators understood Cardano, more of them would start building on this decentralized platform.


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