Whales’ SHIB Holdings Fall Under $70 Million, Yet SHIB Army Hits New Milestone


Top whales on Ethereum keep dumping their SHIB and their stash keeps shrinking hard

The amount of SHIB held by the top 100 investors has dropped below the $70 million mark, according to WhaleStats tracker of the largest wallets on Ethereum and some other top blockchains.

Despite that, the Shiba Inu army has reached yet another milestone as the number of SHIB holders has expanded significantly.

whales keep throwing SHIB

Last week, the amount of Shiba Inu’s owned by those wallets was between $86 – $82 million. Now, they have continued to dump the second largest Mim Coin as its price continues to decline.

At the time of this writing, the top 100 whales on Ethereum hold 8,036,305,217,856 SHIB evaluated at $68,301,754. This is 3.09 percent of their comprised portfolio, according to WhaleStats.

New milestone for SHIB army

Yet, despite this, the SHIB Army has set another milestone in the last four days. The number of holders of this meme coin has increased by a little over 6,000 since the weekend. It is now 1,282,333 as compared to 1,276,281 seen on Saturday.

SHIB trading volume soars by 7.5 million percent

Earlier today, CoinMarketCap spread the word about the trading volume of Shiba Inu skyrocketing by 7,449,053 percent. The possible reason for this was the movement of large amounts of SHIB by whales.

U.Today reported that a little over a trillion SHIB were transferred across multiple tranches yesterday.

However, the meme coin remains in the lows and its price is going deeper down. At press-time, SHIB is changing hands at $0.000008633. Despite a rise of 2.25 percent demonstrated by the meme coin, it is still trading 90.27 percent below the ATH of $0.00008845 reached at the end of October last year.


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