CoinFarm (CFARM) Review: All You Need To Know

CoinFarm is a DeFi project focused on agribusiness, the project’s native cryptocurrency (CFARM) is used to power the platform and generate staking income.

The cryptocurrency industry is growing at a phenomenal pace. This is great news for investors. At the moment, less than 4% of the world’s population owns cryptocurrencies. But with rapid institutional and retail adoption, cryptocurrencies have impressive long-term prospects. Read on to understand what CoinFarm (CFARM) is, how does the crypto project work?

What is CoinFarm?

CoinFarm is a visionary and innovative company, it aims to provide its investors with real gains from all CFarm token transactions. Investors will receive profits from the sector that moves 27% of the Brazilian GDP and more than 2 trillion reais, the Agribusiness.

The CoinFarm platform distributes to its investors daily income from purchase and sale transactions of the CFarm token, it also shares the profits from corn, soy and cattle raising plantations, which will be 80% of all net profit from direct operations to investors.

How does the CoinFarm project work?

Farmer’s NFT

NFT owners will receive 9% of all CFarm token transactions and 80% of profits from cattle ranching and soybean and corn plantations. The income obtained through the sale of NFT boxes will be invested in cattle raising and soy and corn plantations. The NFT boxes will be purchased with the CFarm token and will be sold on the platform’s MarketPlace in the future.

CoinFarm farms

In the first stage of the project, CoinFarm has the goal of leasing an area of ​​1000 hectares, which will be used in the livestock farming integration system, where 1000 hectares of soybeans and corn will be planted and then pasture for fattening 5000 heads of cattle. CoinFarm estimates a profit of more than 14 million reais from the harvest of soybeans, corn and cattle slaughter, which will be distributed to investors.

Farmer’s Staking

Farmer Staking offers investors a way to put their CFarm tokens to work and earn passive income without having to sell them. For 12 years, 0.291% of CFarm tokens will be unlocked from the ecosystem fund every month, that’s 291000 CFarm tokens unlocked per month. Unlocked CFarm tokens will be distributed in the form of rewards to holders who place their CFarms in staking.

Farmer Fees

The 12% fee from all buy and sell transactions on PancakeSwap will be used to distribute income to investors and maintain the project and the development team. Daily investors will receive 9% of the fees collected from purchases and sales of the Cfarm token and 3% of the fees will be used for project and team maintenance, which will return in upgrades to the project, the developer team and farm improvements.

Bottom Line

The CoinFarm project is focused on the strategy to generate income with agribusiness, free of the need to buy land, equipment, head of cattle and without having to put your hand in the heavy. The highlight of the platform is Farmer Staking, which offers investors a way to put their CFarm tokens to work and earn passive income without having to sell them.


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