Cardano to Receive Fundamental Update


Cardano, a leading blockchain platform, has recently received a new update: Node 1.35.6. This update brings enhanced decentralization to the network by adding peer-to-peer (P2P) support, which enables nodes to connect without relying on a central server or development network protocol. This improvement strengthens the Cardano ecosystem and allows it to become more secure and robust.

Node 1.35.6 brings P2P support, making it easier for nodes to connect to each other. To enable this feature, users simply change the “EnableP2P” setting to true and update the configuration file with the new connection layout. The old connection method remains available to those who prefer it.

The update also includes several new tracers and configuration options for different components, such as the Outbound Governor and Inbound Governor. The Outbound Governor is responsible for managing connections to root peers, known peers, established peers and active peers, while the Inbound Governor maintains the responder side of all mini-protocols. These governors help maintain and manage connections, making the network more efficient and secure.

Furthermore, the Connection Manager component has been improved, which tracks the state of all TCP connections and enforces various timeouts. This ensures that the network remains stable and can handle numerous connections simultaneously.

Ledger peers, or relays registered on the chain, are now chosen based on the square of the stake distribution, which enhances the overall security of the Cardano network. Additionally, the Server component, responsible for the accept loop, has also been updated.

This new update brings significant improvements to the platform by increasing decentralization through P2P support. The added tracers, governors and connection management features contribute to a more secure and efficient ecosystem, allowing Cardano to maintain its position as a leading blockchain platform.


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