Ethereum (ETH) Rollups Now Have Their Own ERC 4337


The goal of account abstraction on the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet is to make it difficult to distinguish between smart contracts and on-chain accounts. With the release of a comprehensive rollup upgrade proposal, EVM rollups will see a similarly ground-breaking advance.

This proposal might change game in Ethereum-based rollups

In a proposal titled Roadmap for Native Account Abstraction Introduction, or RIP-7560: Native Account Abstraction, Ethereum Foundation software developer Alexander Forshtat is included. This is an effort to use the idea of AA for the first time in the rollup ecosystem, which consists of second-layer scaling solutions for Ethereum (ETH).

Enabling AA in EVM rollups is an essential step for the Web3 Ethereum (ETH) sector. Similar AA designs for its L1 and L2s are necessary to create a “continuous ecosystem.”

Three modifications to smart contract accounts would be necessary to implement AA in rollups: a rewriting of the validateUserOp function, a tweak to the EntryPoint address, and some advancements in transaction logic.

A few tweaks are also needed to the signature aggregation procedure and Paymaster activities. In the post-ERC 4337 Ethereum (ETH) mainnet, validation code rules, staking, and reputation systems in rollups will appear as follows.

Several comments on the project’s GitHub repository have already been made by supporters of Ethereum (ETH) in the previous two days.

Native account abstraction standard to land in all L1s and L2s

The proposal’s creator is upbeat about the likelihood of its advancement and uptake as well as its possible contribution to Ethereum’s (ETH) evolution:

ERC 4337 “Account Abstraction” was enabled on the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet in March 2023, as previously reported by U.Today.

Ethereum (ETH) on-chain wallets (externally-owned accounts) can have smart contract capabilities added to them through account abstraction.

Smart contract accounts, a new class of accounts, provide up new possibilities for Ethereum (ETH) real-world applications.


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