Binance Bitcoin Balances Are Draining: 40,000 BTC Moved Away from Biggest Crypto Exchange


Binance faces more exits, but this time it may not be “natural”

According to CryptoQuant data, Binance cryptocurrency exchange once again faced a massive fund outflow totaling 38,246 BTC. After a significant drop in the Bitcoin balance, the total balance on the leaves is close to 500,000.

In-house redistribution of funds

Previously, Binance.US faced a major bug that led to so-called “slippage”—the difference between the expected price of a trade and the actual execution of an order.

Whenever the order book in the market is too thin and an exchange cannot provide enough liquidity, volatility on the asset tends to increase exponentially, resulting in a massive drop in value. .

Due to the bug that appeared, the price of Bitcoin on Binance.US has dropped to $8,000, with numerous buy orders being executed on the way down. In order to provide more liquidity to the market on Binance.US, the main platform could have moved some of its funds to the platform targeting the United States, which is counted by the on-chain metrics as “exits.” .

Natural outflows

With Bitcoin moving past the previous ATH and trading volumes remaining stable, some traders and investors are choosing to move their funds away from exchanges and keep them in their wallets.

According to the volume measures, no significant selling pressure was present on the centralized exchanges, as well as no abnormal trading activity.

Previously, notable exchange inflows appeared back in May, when Bitcoin’s price retraced from the previous ATH to $29,000. Most retail investors have transferred funds from their portfolios to the exchanges for profit.


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