Beware: User Loses 3 Bored Ape NFTs on New Animation Phishing Site


Scammers are launching phishing sites impersonating the prominent NFT marketplace – Bored Ape Yach Club (BAYC) after the ApeCoin token launch. A user ended up losing 3 NFTs on a new BAYC animation phishing site.

Since its launch last year, BAYC has become one of the biggest names in the NFT space. Multi-million dollar sales and a rapidly growing list of celebrity owners have managed to create lucrative opportunities for scammers.

Rampant Phishing Attacks

ZachXBT, the popular crypto sleuth, revealed that a user fell for a phishing site impersonating BAYC and lost around $900k. Most of the stolen Ethereum was sent to Tornado. ZachXBT also urged users to stop connecting their wallets and approving transactions on random sites.

The victim of the phishing attack has been identified as a Twitter user who goes by the name – black apple.

Phishers Steal Azuki

The latest news comes in just days after a phishing hack drained more than $75k worth of assets from multiple digital wallets. Right after the hyped launch of ApeCoin on March 17, scammers rushed to lure unassumed users to a link that managed to siphon off their NFTs and ETH.

In order to promote their phishing sites, ZackXBT revealed earlier that the malicious entities purchased hacked verified accounts from the micro-blogging website – Twitter – and used bots to tag people in replies. The phishing website impersonated the BAYC claim website and tricked victims into getting their free APE tokens.

NFT holders who connected their wallets to the claim site were immediately drained of their NFTs and ETH. In total, users lost nearly $73.5k (more than 26.1 ETH). The stolen NFTs, most notably Azuki, were put up for sale by the phishers.

The crypto investigator tweeted,

“These scammers typically buy verified Twitter accounts from forums for a few thousand dollars and then proceed to profit by running fake giveaways and advertising sketchy projects. This time they launched a phishing site. Always triple check the site you also connect your wallet to so you don’t become the next victim.

Fraudsters are leveraging the frenzy around BAYC’s launch of a new token – ApeCoin. CryptoPotato earlier reported that an anonymous user managed to rake in 60,000 APE tokens that amounted to almost $1 million during the airdrop via a flashloan.


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