Cardano Founder Hoskinson Trolls Solana After Another Network Halt


Charles Hoskinson addresses Solana mainnet halt with sarcastic tweet

Solana’s mainnet caused a firestorm of reactions on social media yesterday, coming to a halt again in short order. Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, could not stay away and, in reaction to a tweet about Solana’s shutdown, suggested its developers a video on how to fix old video games.

When one user asked if he thinks excessive cockiness could play a cruel joke on him like it did on Do Kwon and Luna, the Cardano founder said that nothing is completely safe, and he is certain that everyone has problems at times.

The reason for his sarcastic taunts, he said, is that the Solana and Luna community ruthlessly mocked Cardano for trying to get it right and using expert judgment and formal methods. to avoid such problems.

What’s wrong with Solana this time?

The Solana Mainnet Beta outage lasted about four and a half hours and, later, validators managed to restart the main network.

The co-founder of Solana Labs, Anatoly Yakovenko, rushed to explain that there was a bug when part of the network considered the block invalid and because of this consensus was not reached. This bug caused the nodes to generate different outputs, which led to consensus failure and eventually brought the network down.

The network has now been restarted with this function disabled. Yakovenko added that bug fixes “will be released as soon as possible.”

Nevertheless, Solana’s quotes were even less stable than its network. Following the outage, the price of SOL lost 12.5% ​​and stopped at around $40 per token. As a result, SOL is now trading at last August’s prices, offsetting all of its growth over the past year.


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