Less Than 24 Hours Before Baby Doge Testnet Launch

Baby Doge

Baby Doge team is preparing to launch its testnet later today

The team at BabyDog Meme Cryptocurrency, which mimics Dogecoin based on the BNB chain, has announced via its Twitter account that, in less than 24 hours, it will be launching a testnet, as promised last week.

Upcoming testnet launch

Five days ago, the coin’s team stated that the swap protocol was complete and the launch would take place on Aug. 15. The new protocol of Baby Doge promises a feeless swap of tokens, as well as staking and yield farming.

At the time of writing, BabyDog is ranked 230 on the CoinMarketCap scale and is trading at $0.0000000001677.

A week ago, in a tweet that announced the upcoming launch of the testnet, it was stated that 100 people who retweeted would join the team of beta testers.

BabyDoge holder counts up

Meanwhile, the @babydogeburn_ account tweeted that another large portion of BabyDoge tokens had been burned, i.e., locked in the wallet, leaving them unable to be withdrawn or otherwise spent.

According to the source, a total of 952,493,425,331 BabyDoge tokens were burnt. However, due to the aforementioned low price of BabyDoge, this amount of meme tokens is evaluated only at $1,583.

Meanwhile, the number of holders of the cryptocurrency is increasing. Today it has reached a new milestone of 1,603,575.


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