Cardano Founder Takes Jab at Terra’s Do Kwon: Details


Terra co-founder denied being on run

cardano founder Charles Hoskinson Terra co-founder Do Kwon insisted that he was not on the run and had nothing to hide. The Tera co-founder denies absconding after Singapore police indicated that he was no longer in the country.

All the while, Kwon was thought to be in Singapore until it was proven otherwise. Following the disclosure, Kwon said in tweets that he did not have anything to hide and that he was willing to cooperate with “any government agency.” His exact location, however, remained unknown.

Earlier, a South Korean court had issued an arrest warrant against Kwon and other individuals accusing them of violating capital-markets law. Currently, the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) has issued a red notice to Terra’s founder, Do Kwon.

3,313 BTC moved from LFG wallet

Since Sept. 14, roughly 3,313 BTC (or about $66.59 million) were abruptly moved to two crypto exchanges, not long after Terra co-founder Kwon Do-Hyung received an arrest warrant.

Colin Wu Report: “3313 BTC in the LFG Binance wallet were transferred to Kucoin from September 15 to September 18, and 1959 BTC were transferred to OKEx. At the request of the South Korean government, Kucoin transferred 1,354 BTC was frozen. OKEx ignores the freeze request.”

According to Crypto Quant, 3,313 BTC in the LFG (Luna Foundation Guard) Binance wallet were moved to Kucoin between Sept. 15 and 18, and 1,959 BTC to OKX exchange. On each of the two exchanges, deposits were made four to five times.

The transfer was quickly discovered by the merger team, who then requested that Kucoin freeze the transferred 1,354 BTC. OKX, on the other hand, reportedly disregarded prosecutors’ demands to freeze assets. The 1,959 BTC transferred there may have gone to another exchange as a result.

The arrest warrant for Terra founder Do Kwon has gained a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency world. Recent occurrences indicate that Kwon is unquestionably on the run, and Interpol is currently trying to find and apprehend him.


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