BabyDoge To Introduce Feature To Accelerate Burns on DeFi Swap: Details


New feature will apply to all trading pairs on BabyDogeSwap DEX

According to a recent announcement, a new feature on babydogswap It’s too soon to begin estimating the number of tokens that will be burned through each swap. The new feature will help estimate the amount of BabyDog tokens that will be destroyed by swaps on the DEX.

Notably, the new feature will apply to all trading pairs on the BabyDogeSwap DEX, including USDT/BNB. This comes as Baby Doge Coin continues to work on accelerating burns. The team earlier hinted at plans to launch an official burn portal, allowing users to burn their BabyDoge.

This month, it asked the community for suggestions on how it could incentivize users to burn more coins. It presented ideas of NFTs or levels of NFTs to be obtained for burning tokens.

Recently, holders voted almost unanimously to initiate monthly burns for Baby Doge Coin. The burns will help decrease the huge supply of Baby Doge Coin and are expected to boost prices in the long run.

Billions of BabyDoge tokens are already being sent to the project’s official dead wallet. According to babydogburnIn the last 24 hours, 4,078,924,733,000 BABYDOGE tokens have been burned. So far, 199,382,489,654,578,784 BABYDOGE tokens (47.472%) have been burned out of the initial total supply of 420 quadrillion.

New milestones and listing

BabyDogeSwap has surpassed $30 million in total volume locked (TVL), achieving this milestone in less than a month since launch.

In addition, BabyDogeSwap has been officially listed on the dApp Bay of the BNB chain. The listing, announced earlier this week, is expected to give users of the BNB chain more access to BabyDogeSwap and allow them to rate it like all other decentralized applications (dApps) on the platform.

Meanwhile, the community continues to grow. The total number of BabyDoge holders is now 1,640,048 after the addition of new users.


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