Shibburn Calls Elon Musk to Action, Here’s What It’s About


Shibburn account has tagged Elon Musk with complaint and to ask about big issue on Twitter

The ShibBurn Twitter handle, which tracks SHIB Burn transactions on Etherscan and then shares them on its website and Twitter, has taken to the new Twitter to address a major issue related to the expansion of content theft from Elon Musk and to weed out copycats. Told to stop making money. Oysters are cooking at this time.

This request came from Shibburn as Musk announced once again that creators of video and text content on Twitter will be getting higher compensation for their efforts soon.

“Stealing copycat content and plagiarism”

Shibburn shared with Musk and the entire Twitter community that hundreds of accounts steal their content on Shibburn transactions and pass it off as their own.

The SHIB-focused account believes that such copycats of them and other accounts must not be allowed to monetize from work done by other people.

Musk hopes to integrate DOGE into Twitter

Recently, The New York Times reported that Elon Musk shared his plans for improving Twitter. Specifically, he discussed his approach to micropayments on the platform. He mentioned that he looked into the possibility of linking bank accounts, bank cards and PayPal (which Musk was a co-creator) accounts to users’ Twitter handles.

Here, the crypto community believes, Musk may also add Dogecoin, as he stated many times before on Twitter and in podcasts, too. For example, once in 2020, long before he voiced plans to acquire the social media giant made by Jack Dorsey, he stated that paying one Dogecoin to read an article on Twitter would be fair to content makers.

This summer, he also suggested adding DOGE as a payment option for Twitter Blue subscriptions. This happened after Musk was invited to join the Twitter board after buying 9.2% of its shares.


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