This Cardano NFT Is up 80% in Volume After Snoop Dogg’s New Video


Champ Medici and Snoop Dogg release new music video dedicated to Cardano’s Clay Nation, and collection’s volume surges by double digits

Clay Nation, one of the most talked about collectibles among Cardano NFTs, has seen a surge in attention after Champ Medici and his father Snoop Dogg released a music video dedicated to it. Since the release of the video, the volume of items traded in the collection has exceeded 100,000 ADA, and the number of sales has reached 27 NFTs with an average price of 4,120 ADA. As of now, the Clay Nation collection has an all-time trading volume of 30 million ADA.

The video mixes the signature clay reality with our ordinary one, while the characters of Snoop Dogg, his son and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson perform a classic rap reprise of what ends up being just a dream.

Revival of NFT Market

The Clay Nation rap family has managed to revive the NFT market a bit, which is currently experiencing a significant decline. The fact that Champ Medici himself is part of the Clay Nation collective, joining it over the summer, also played a big role.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that such an interesting collaboration took place on Cardano, when the blockchain founder himself took an active part in it as well. Cardano retains its top position on the NFT market, and given Solana’s (SOL) problems, it stands a good chance of taking an even bigger bite out of it.


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