Fight Out Crypto (FGHT) Review: All You Need To Know

Fight Out is an upcoming move to earn platform that rewards users for pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle. While not the first of its kind, the Fight Out crypto project aims to be an M2E platform with a difference with many distinguishing features that benefit investors.

Our review team scrutinized Fight Out to determine the mechanics of its ecosystem, the project’s tokenomics, details of its ongoing token presale, and future roadmap. For interested investors, also included is a step-by-step guide on how to buy Fight Out crypto tokens.

Fight Out Crypto: What is it?

Fight Out is a move to earn platform that has revolutionized workouts by developing a fitness platform using Web 3.0 technology. 

Apart from creating an ecosystem that enables fitness fanatics to lead an active lifestyle, Fight Out provides monetary rewards to users in the form of digital currencies, which can be exchanged for fiat currencies.

Instead of developing just another M2E platform, Fight Out has gamified this ecosystem to make fitness more interactive, entertaining and rewarding. This ecosystem has lowered the barriers of entry by simplifying the use of Web 3.0 technology and not requiring users to invest in expensive NFTs.

Fight Out has accommodated everybody who wants to reach their fitness goals by developing a platform that’s not cost-prohibitive and enables users to track their progress.

As a user progresses on their fitness journey, their soulbound avatar directly benefits by having the progress transferred onto it.

The training and rewards will be facilitated via the Fight Out mobile app. But the ecosystem will spread to real-world gyms, enabling users of the platform to attend live classes and make use of the facilities in key cities around the world.

Fight Out Mechanics

Fight Out is a platform that enables users to get a complete physical and mental workout. It enables users to improve their strength, cardio, muscle endurance, mental fortitude and technique.

Although Fight Out specializes in wellness-rounded fitness programs, users can customize workouts to focus on their specialty and specific muscle groups.

The first step is to create an account with an e-mail address and download the app. Subscriptions are available in-app, and users will receive 25% off if subscribing with the native token, $FGHT. 

The next step is for users to set their fitness goals, background, the equipment at their disposal and desired workout types. The app also enables users to track their nutrition and sleep for accountability.

The workout builder is perfect for solo users seeking a personalized routine. The app generates exercises based on the user’s fitness level and provides video tutorials to ensure users practice good form. The videos also highlight newbie mistakes and provide advanced tips.

A feature for on-demand workout classes via the app or live sessions at Fight Out gyms is available. The workouts consist of yoga, meditation, boxing and strength and conditioning.

Elite-level boxing coaches will run a technique-focused course to introduce users to the fundamentals of boxing.

Leaderboards stats and challenges are shown to build a culture of competition, thereby motivating each user to excel.


The key difference between Fight Out and and most M2E platforms is that it doesn’t focus on a single metric for activity. Not only does it track steps, but it also follows a user’s movements during workout class participation, bodyweight exercises and weight exercises.

Besides workouts, the in-app move to earn crypto, REPS, is also rewarded to users who grow the community and earn badges.

This reward mechanism motivates Web 2.0 fitness users to switch to a Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Fight Out uses smart technology to track movement and key effort indicators to ensure data points feed into a reward algorithm. 

Rewards are distributed into different categories such as cardio, wellness and muscle strength. To obtain the optimal rewards, users should engage in all-around growth.

After receiving REPS, users can redeem them in several ways. One way is to redeem them in the Fight Out store, which is stocked with merchandise such as shoes, sweaters and fighting gear. Also available in the store are supplements and training equipment.

What’s Special About Fight Out?

Unlike most M2E crypto platforms that track only a user’s steps, Fight Out ensures that the smart technology also includes movement. That’s particularly useful for users wanting to maximize rewards if they train with weights.

Using Fight Out enables users to enjoy a gamified experienced via their avatar. The strength that a user develop is transferred to the avatar, which enters the metaverse once its strength is sufficient.

In the metaverse, the avatar competes against other players to win fights and tournaments. That provides users with more opportunities to earn reward tokens.

Fight Out enables users to challenge AI-powered pro fighters or attend AI-powered exhibitions and championships. 

The gyms are a key feature that distinguishes Fight Out from similar platforms. Besides the app, this ecosystem will soon cater to users who want to use facilities and personal training in person. The Fight Out gym will be located in key metropolitan areas. 

The gyms will contain a health bar stocked with nutritious meals, smoothies and snacks. Health bars will be available through VIP rewards for stakers. A content studio layout in the gym enables personal trainers to interact with users and offer classes remotely.

Bonus Tokens

The Fight Out crypto presale contains bonus tokens that investors will be entitled to if they participate in the early-round fundraising. During the first stage of the presale, Fight Out offers bonus tokens based on the initial investment and vesting period selected.

An investment of $500 will yield a 10% bonus, and an additional 10% will be granted for selecting the 6-month vesting period. 

Investors who want to maximize the rewards can receive a 50% bonus. That will require a $50,000 investment and a 24-month vesting period.

The bonus tokens will be available only during the first stage of the presale. Investors who want to claim the bonus should act now as the bonus is removed once the $5 million hard cap is reached.   

At the time of writing, Fight Out had already raised more than $2.8 million.


To celebrate the presale launch, Fight Out is hosting a crypto giveaway. This is an opportunity for early investors to receive more Fight Out cryptocurrency. One lucky investor will win $250,000 of Fight Out crypto tokens.

Only 202 days remain for investors to be part of the giveaway. To be eligible for the giveaway, investors need to own at least $250 of Fight Out crypto tokens on the day of the draw.

Multiple entries are granted to investors who perform social media tasks such as retweeting Fight Out on Twitter and joining the Telegram channel.

Investors can find out more information about Fight Out and $FGHT by reading the whitepaper.

Future Developments

A stagnant project is bound to be left behind. That’s one of the reasons that Fight Out is constantly developing. Besides the gyms it’s working on opening, Fight Out will also offer a co-working space to let members destress and increase their productivity.

More ambassadors will be added to the roster, which will provide the project with more exposure. Exercises will be enhanced with the First Steps boxing course.

Final Word

Fight Out has developed its M2E platform to ensure users are rewarded for movements and steps. It has also gamified workouts, providing users with entertainment and more opportunities to earn reward tokens.

Another way that Fight Out has distinguished itself from similar platforms is by striving to open real-world gyms. Once launched, users can attend in person and use the gym’s facilities.

Fight Out’s roadmap contains a lot of developments for the ecosystem, which should make the $FGHT token more useful. REPS rewards received can be exchanged for items in the Fight Out store and even to receive a discount on the app’s subscription.


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