Shytoshi Kusama’s Mail Address “Revealed” to BitBoy, But There’s a Catch


Earlier today, crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong (aka BitBoy), a popular blogger and an author of a book on crypto, stated on his Twitter page that he intends to dox the real identity of the lead Shiba Inu developer famous under the pseudonym Shytoshi Kusama.

Shytoshi Kusama wants a SHIB T-shirt from BitBoy, here’s why

The developer of the popular meme coin responded to BitBoy. It looks like Kusama is hinting that Armstrong sells SHIB-branded T-shirts after showing videos about Shiba Inu.

In the meantime, the debate is heating up as Kusama said he wants to buy a SHIB tee-shirt from Bitboy and he provided an address where it should be sent.

Kusama tweeted that he wants BitBoy to promote a SHIB tee-shirt on this tweet before he does a video, so that everyone sees the official website of the meme token in progress.

Kusama provides “his address” for shipping

In another tweet, Shytoshi repeated his “request” to buy a T-shirt from BitBoy, saying that he will even pay for the shipping. The lead developer even revealed the address where it should be sent – “613 UFud2Much Lane, Trollfias, HI 96706”.

This is clearly trolling as the “address” consists of phrases “Fud2Much” and the changed name of a fired top developer Trophias melted with “troll” – “Trollfias”.

Did Sam Bankman-Fried create Shiba Inu? BitBoy partly believes so

Earlier today, BitBoy stated on his Twitter handle that he plans to reveal the real identity of Kusama and this propelled a response from Shytoshi with the debate continuing. BitBoy stated that he there is a lot of evidence to believe that the founder of the bankrupt crypto giant FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried was involved with the project in its early stage.

However, some rumors on Crypto Twitter state that SBF was not Kusama but the mysterious founder of SHIB called Ryoshi. The latter chose to get under the radar in late May 2022, deleting all his social media accounts.

In a recent Medium post, where Shytoshi presented the Shibarium beta called Puppynet, Kusama shared facts that he hopes prove that Ryoshi is not the failed crypto billionaire SBF.

As reported by U.Today, the Shiba Inu community is currently in turmoil as it has been revealed that the aforementioned Shibarium beta is likely to be a clone of another project – Rinia. This came up due to the same ChainID number on both blockchains. However, Shytosi Kusama commented on it in the Shibarium Telegram channel, calling it FUD and the efforts of ill-wishers to ruin Shibarium.

He said that Puppynet is just a testnet and there will be more of them in order to get rid of all the bugs.


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