Crypto Wallet Provider Issues Alert to ETH, Polygon Holders


A crucial warning has been sent to users of Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance accounts by the cryptocurrency wallet company Ledger.

Ledger cautions users in this category to watch out for fraudulent “voucher” NFTs issued to their accounts. These, according to the company that provides bitcoin wallets, include malicious URLs intended to trick users into giving their 24-word recovery phrase.

According to Ledger, users may get unauthorised NFT airdrops that resemble vouchers and promise free money when redeemed on an other website. It alerts users that these NFT coupons are con games and usually connect to unreliable websites.

In this fraud, customers are persuaded to open third-party websites or applications where they are prompted to enter their 24-word recovery phrase or sign a malicious transaction using their Ledger device, giving the con artist access to their accounts.

What to do to stay safe

Users are advised by Ledger not to share their 24-word recovery phrase with others or enter it into any websites or apps. Additionally, it provides safety precautions for them, including not attempting to mail or destroy the NFT in favour of merely right-clicking it and choosing “hidden.”

In conclusion, consumers should follow these instructions if they get an unsolicited NFT coupon with links. The first step is to refrain from using any links or visiting any websites that are connected to the malicious NFT.

Second, the burner address or another account should not get the NFT. Contact with the NFT’s underlying smart contract is necessary for this, and that smart contract may be malicious and damage the user’s account.

Last but not least, right-click on the NFT in Ledger Live and choose “Hide NFT Collection.”


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