XRP Ledger Achieves Major Milestone: Details


Recently, XRP Ledger accomplished another noteworthy milestone. This milestone is reported on X by XRPScan, an XRP Ledger explorer and network analysis tool.

A new milestone for the Layer 1 platform has been reached with the successful closure of the 84 millionth ledger of the XRP Ledger. 84,019,694 is the current ledger count, according the XRPScan website.


After closing its 83 millionth ledger on October 5, it is likely that XRP Ledger processed one million ledger transactions in less than six weeks.

With its latest breakthroughs and impending improvements, XRP Ledger is still growing. Two new XLS specifications for XRP Ledger were announced in the last week.

The first was the publication of “XLS-49d: Multiple Signer Lists,” which will allow for the implementation of numerous signer lists per account. Additionally, “0051 XLS-51d: NFToken Escrows,” a new specification for NFT escrows, was published.

At the moment, XRP Ledger only allows escrows for the XRP token type. Following the network launch of the XLS-20 and the addition of about 4 million NFTs to the ledger, users may want to have the option to escrow their NFTs in the same way that they would with cash.

In order to implement NFT escrows, “0051 XLS-51d: NFToken Escrows” proposes a little modification, considering that the Escrow object is already present on XRPL.

It’s possible that XRP Ledger will receive additional functionality in the near future. Two amendments, “fixNFTokenRemint” and “fixReducedOffersV1,” are now in a two-week countdown phase with the backing of over 80% of validators.

Peersyst Technologies said over the weekend that Bishop Fox’s security examination of the EVM sidechain and XLS 38 bridge was successful.

In June 2023, the EVM sidechain—which Peersyst and Ripple created together—released its development version, or v2.


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