Solana Surpasses Ethereum in NFT Sales


Recently, Solana has surpassed Ethereum in terms of volume of sales. According to data, Solana’s sales have increased by 2.78% to around $16 million.

This increase occurs in spite of a more general market decline, with Ethereum experiencing a notable 22.70% decline in sales.

Review of top blockchains

There are several fascinating developments emerging in the NFT sales blockchain market. In the NFT market, Ethereum has long had the lead, but new evidence shows that Solana is rising.

Sales of Ethereum have fallen to $11.4 million, whereas Solana has sold close to $16 million.

Normally not a direct participant in the NFT market, Bitcoin has sold $13 million in sales. This is because of the rise in Bitcoin Ordinals, which has also helped the main cryptocurrency surpass its archrival altcoin in terms of total fees recently.

Despite having smaller sales amounts of $1.5 million and $942,113, respectively, other blockchains such as Polygon and ImmutableX are also becoming noticeable.

Solana’s NFT marketplace booms

There has been a noticeable surge in activity in Solana’s NFT marketplace, with Tensor emerging as the top platform. The site has surpassed Magic Eden and reached a monthly trade volume of almost $1 million. Tensor now holds a leading position with over 60% of Solana’s overall NFT market share.

Tensor’s traders are interacting with larger volumes, even though the platform has fewer unique wallet users than Magic Eden.


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