Terra (LUNA) Issues Important Notice to NFT Projects: Details


Regarding projects using its network to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Terra (LUNA) has released a critical notice. The announcement notifies NFT projects to a new era beginning on the Terra network and was issued by the official Terra X handle.

As mentioned in the release, Ark Protocol, a cross-chain NFT platform, will enable interchain NFTs in Cosmos. Additionally, Terra would profit from this new InterChain NFT age.

This is because Ark Protocol will be choosing collections per chain for its future phase, meaning that Terra NFT-related projects will have the opportunity to display their NFTs across numerous chains.

The same notification is posted on X by Terra CEO Chris Amani, alerting NFT developers to this significant development.

Terra (LUNA), the new Terra blockchain that was introduced following the collapse, is dedicated to reconstructing from the ruins of its once-glorious empire, having witnessed the collapse of its environment in May 2022.

A number of community suggestions and changes were put into practice in 2023. A browse through Terra’s X feed in the first ten days of 2024 reveals new updates and advances, demonstrating this tendency.

The first stage of the Station v3 distribution has begun with the release of Station v3 Extension, a new version of the web application designed to communicate with Terra Core and other compatible chains.

The announcement states that Station v3 is now free to download from the Microsoft Edge and Chrome Web shops. In the upcoming weeks, the v3 dashboard and mobile apps should be made available.

The price of Terra (LUNA) is still low in spite of these events, carrying on the losses that started in early December 2023. As of the time of writing, LUNA has increased by 0.67% over the previous day to $0.66.


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