XRP ‘Cursed’ by Max Keiser – It ‘Goes to Zero Against Bitcoin’


Max Keiser, a proponent of Bitcoin maximalism, has once again criticised XRP on the X/Twitter network, stating that the coin will eventually lose ground to Bitcoin.

Max Keiser slams XRP, predicting price crash

Keiser has resumed his criticism of XRP, the cryptocurrency connected to Ripple, labelling it as “centralized garbage.” XRP “goes to zero against Bitcoin,” Keiser continued.

In response to a query posed by a member of the cryptocurrency community, he said, “If governments are buying Bitcoin with fiat, who is to say they don’t with XRP?”


Since the beginning of the decade, Keiser has been an enthusiastic supporter of Bitcoin. As a financial journalist, he disseminated information about it widely and is still active on Twitter.

Since he thinks that Bitcoin is the only decentralised digital money available on the cryptocurrency market, Max Keiser often criticises altcoins. Keiser didn’t miss an opportunity to criticise Solana (SOL), his second victim, and the team responsible for the recent significant outage.

Keiser has spent the last several years residing in El Salvador and serving as a Bitcoin advisor to President Nayib Bukele, who declared Bitcoin to be the nation’s official currency in 2021 and outlawed the usage of any other cryptocurrencies there. Bukele was just reelected to a second term as president.

Keiser slams former Bitcoiner Nassim Taleb

Max Keiser recently tweeted his disapproval of Nassim Taleb, the author of “The Black Swan,” a renowned book that was formerly supportive of Bitcoin. Taleb tweeted in 2021 that he was selling his Bitcoin assets because he was dissatisfied with the cryptocurrency and thought it had failed as a hedge against bank collapses as well as a currency.

Keiser attacked Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) founder Craig Wright in a tweet. Wright claims to be the developer of the cryptocurrency. “Craig’s lies were so easy to see through, nobody was fooled by them, aside from a small group of incredibly narcissistic fools,” he observed. Keiser shared a GIF of Nassim Taleb striking himself in the head with a hammer.


Taleb and Nouriel Roubini, a Bitcoin hater who is referred to as “Dr. Doom” in the financial markets, participated at a symposium in 2021 that was arranged by Wright’s colleague, entrepreneur, and CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre.


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