Ethereum Dencun Upgrade Is Live, This Is What Developers Plotting Next


After the successful launch of Ethereum Dencun Upgrade, which moved 15,000 ETH and excited the community, developers are already working on the next project while debating whether or not to integrate MaxEB into Electra.

It is anticipated that the development team will make a final decision during the following one to four weeks after considering new features for the upgrade.

Cryptospace researcher Christine Kim highlighted the need of pursuing alternative activities alongside the Electra update in a series of articles on her X page. There were two noteworthy efforts mentioned.

PeerDAS and light client development

The first is PeerDAS, a programme designed to improve Ethereum’s capacity for data availability, sometimes known as “blob,” in a safe way. This is required because improved network speed and scalability depend on more data being available.

Second, light client development will concentrate on creating client solutions that are small enough to need less hardware and lessen dependency on outside services, enabling a greater number of users to use Ethereum on their own.

The developers’ initiative’s overarching objective is to increase user accessibility and decentralisation inside the Ethereum network. Though PeerDAS and light client development are seen as high-priority projects, MaxEB continues to be the major focus for developers because of its direct influence on the network.

But considering how complicated the Electra update is, it could take some bandwidth away from these side projects. Kim thus exhorts the Ethereum community to make developers responsible for implementing these supplementary projects in addition to the Electra update.

Coordinating efforts for long-term growth

She emphasises their relevance for the long-term growth and development of the Ethereum network, but acknowledging that they might not initially garner the same degree of attention as MaxEB.

Keynote speaker at the upcoming ETHTaipei 2024 annual Ethereum development conference and hackathon is none other than Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, which is scheduled to conclude on March 24. Buterin will evaluate the progress made in scaling Ethereum on a panel at the conference with Layer-2 network leaders.

Analysts are worried about ETH’s potential decline below $1,850 and its current decline as developers plan for the future. This attitude is driving more negative momentum and casting the asset’s near-term future in a potentially dire light.


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