1-Year Anniversary of DOGE Becoming Temporary Twitter Logo Celebrated by Dogecoin Army


A crucial milestone for the Dogecoin army has been reminded by X/Twitter user “DogecoinDesigner,” who appears to be a member of the DOGE and maybe the X team.

They stated that Twitter replaced its distinctive blue bird emblem with a Dogecoin mascot around one year ago, around Easter. As the community anticipated that things would remain that way indefinitely and that DOGE would be utilised for internal payments, the price of DOGE skyrocketed. But about a week later, the blue bird was back where it always was. This was much before the black-and-white X logo was adopted by the social media network.


Back then, cryptocurrency whales who were connected to Elon Musk used it as a chance to purchase more Dogecoin, according to a research published by on-chain data aggregator Santiment. Simultaneously, a number of other whales profited from the enormous 33% increase in the price of DOGE by selling the Dogecoin they held in their wallets.

Then, according to CoinMarketCap statistics, DOGE’s market value shot up by more than $3 billion to reach $13.3 billion, briefly decoupling it from the rest of the cryptocurrency market.

When the aforementioned “DogecoinDesigner” user tweeted a memory of that incredible occasion today, some people in the comments section questioned whether it would likely occur again this year.

X comes closer to launching payments

Three additional U.S. states have granted licences for conducting and processing payments to Elon Musk’s X platform. X added authorised licences in Oregon, Illinois, and New Mexico on March 20.

As a devoted supporter and owner of Dogecoin, the community continues to hold out hope that Elon Musk would incorporate DOGE as one of the available payment methods on the X platform.

As Musk continues to get fresh licences for his massive social media company, a well-known Dogecoin contributor on X identified as “Mishaboar” said last week that he anticipates DOGE payments not being incorporated until the start of the next year.

MishaBoar emphasised that other major online retailers, like PayPal, that were once anti-crypto, now accept this kind of payment. As a result, he thinks it will only be a matter of time until X integrates DOGE payments and works with other payment providers.


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