Frahm Is Creating 3D Metaverse-Friendly Frame NFTs


NFTs have changed how art is created, distributed, and consumed. The first generation of digital artists were pioneers in this new medium.

Some NFT collectors have been rewarded for their early entry into the space, with the valuation of some NFT artwork reaching millions of dollars.

Just last year, the artist known as Beeple sold a piece of digital art in the form of an NFT for over $69 Million.

The Christie’s auction attracted massive media attention, and many began to realize that the NFT space was not just another passing fad.

A space to display high-value art

High-value art is proudly displayed in museums, galleries, and other exhibitions in the physical world. However, before the art is displayed, a carefully selected or handcrafted frame is matched with the piece.

This frame serves to showcase the art and can often suggest value, exclusivity and status.

In the Metaverse, there are many similar places for collectors to display their art in a digital format. Many online virtual galleries are popping up, which allow users to showcase their NFTs in a 3D digital world.

These virtual galleries, some of which support VR headsets, are rapidly gaining popularity. Some believe that this digital gallery market is likely to explode and eventually become orders of magnitude larger than the physical gallery market.

Online, there are far fewer barriers to entry in opening a gallery. Any NFT owner can easily create a gallery and showcase their art.

It can be said that these digital art displays have some room for improvement. Until now, the art presented in these galleries is presented in a raw and unframed format.

However, the experience of consuming art online is rapidly growing and evolving, and there is an innovator in the space who wants to revolutionize how art is displayed in the Metaverse.

Frahm: Innovators in NFT Framing

A Metaverse startup known as Frahm creates 3D framed NFTs compatible with the Metaverse, which can be paired with NFT artwork to enhance its appearance and potentially increase its value. Of course, frames are intrinsic to art, but not yet in the metaverse.

Digital art collectors have spent a significant amount of capital on NFT art. Due to their relationships with collectors and other members of the NFT community, Frahm believes that they want a space to display their art that reflects that value.

In order to bring NFT framing to the Metaverse, Frahm’s team is not only building the frames that collectors can use to enhance their NFTs, but they are also building a complete Metaverse frame stack. This stack includes a Frahm Frame SDK, a framing app, and an API.

The Future: Tokenized Everything in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is here to stay, and while it is early, many believe that almost everything will eventually become an NFT in the metaverse. We are already seeing fashion companies coming guns-blazing in the NFT space.

With Nike’s recent acquisition of RTFKT and Adidas’ collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club and others, it’s clear that NFTs and the Metaverse are things these huge corporations are taking very seriously.

This future Metaverse, where everything is tokenized, will be populated by projects such as Frahm, which are pioneering in the space and bringing 3D NFTs to users.

The Frahm Genesis Frame Drop is coming soon. A limited supply of single-frame NFTs will be launched for this series. If you want to know more, keep an eye on Frahm Twitter Account and visit the site here.


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