BabyDoge Becomes Top 10 Most Purchased Coin for BSC Whales


This popular meme coin is now among those most wanted by Binance Smart Chain whales

Data provided by crypto-tracking service WhaleStats shows that in the past 24 hours, BabyDoge Coin has made it onto the list of top-bought digital assets for the top 100 whales on the BNB Chain network, formerly known as from BSC, Binance Smart Chain.

BabyDoge is popular among whales

Meme token BabyDoge, inspired by the original Dogecoin canine cryptocurrency and by Elon Musk’s support of DOGE, has entered the top 10 list of the most purchased cryptocurrencies for the 100 largest BSC investors, according to the aforementioned crypto tracker.

Currently, BabyDoge is also among the top 10 most popular smart contracts. Additionally, top BSC whales hold $2,457,125 of BabyDoge, or almost 2 quadrillion, or 0.19% of their wallet.

Recent BabyDoge milestones

Recently, U.Today has covered that several new milestones have been achieved by BabyDoge. A week ago, the meme token was outperforming the whole cryptocurrency market, demonstrating a rise by nearly 24% between June 15 and 16, while the whole market of digital coins was underwater.

In June, the BabyDoge community decided to accelerate token burns and voted to move a total of 50 quadrillion coins to dead-end wallets. As reported by U.Today earlier, in the first two days of June, around 6 quadrillion BabyDoge was burned and 2,880,434,321,993 coins were transferred to an unusable wallet yesterday in just one hour.

Overall, the initial total circulating supply of 420 quadrillion BabyDoge over the past year has been reduced to 232 quadrillion. Regular burns chase a target of decreasing the amount of coins in circulation, which may lead to an increase of the price as a coin becomes more scarce.

However, despite massive burns throughout the year, the BabyDoge meme coin is still trading at a price with eight zeros below $1. As of this writing, the coin is changing hands at $0.000000001339, per CoinMarketCap.


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