SHIB Gained Solid Traction Among Whales on Day Shiba Eternity Revealed


Shiba Eternity reveal was followed by active purchases of SHIB by ETH whales

Today, the team of popular project Shiba Inu finally revealed some details about their long-awaited game Shiba Eternity. in parallel, according to whalestats Data, the SHIB token became one of the most used smart contracts among the 5,000 largest Ethereum holders.

Interestingly, Ethereum holdings by whales began back in the spring, and with each bit of news about SHIB being accepted as a payment instrument or about Shibarium, the token’s value in the share of whales’ aggregate portfolio grew.

If we take the statistics of the top 100 largest Ethereum holders, it turns out that the average position size is 3.079 trillion SHIB, which is equivalent to $36 million. Additionally, these investors hold 31% of the total token supply in SHIB.

Ethereum whales craving SHIB

As written above, interest in SHIB and the share of the token in portfolios of large Ethereum holders grew in proportion to the amount of news about the project — whether it was the acceptance of SHIB as a payment for renting luxury yachts or buying expensive fashionable clothes or details about Shibarium, the Layer 2 solution from the Shiba Inu project. This time, however, the infotainment was the game Shiba Eternity.

The project is already in the testing phase in collaboration with PlaysideStudios. After that, the game will be available in the App Store and Google Play in two versions: the normal free version and P2E with NFT support.


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