Another Ancient Ethereum Wallet Awakens After 7.3 Years, Here’s How Much ETH It Holds


One more wallet that remained unused for more than seven years has come back to life with quite a bit of Ethereum in it

About 13 hours ago, the second ancient Ethereum wallet woke up this week, as reported by leading blockchain tracker Whale Alert. This address has been inactive for about 7.3 years since 2014.

The aforementioned tracker says that this is a premine address. This fact, plus the year when it was last used, suggest that this could be an early Ethereum investor who bought his ETH during the Ethereum ICO that took place between the end of July and September of 2014.

At the moment, the wallet contains 200 ETH valued at 249,650. In the comment thread, Twitter users started speculating about the owner of this wallet. Many have suggested that this is the person who found the key to his long-lost crypto address.

Earlier, U.Today covered that an Ethereum wallet with more than twice as much ETH was activated after the same period of time, and there was 500 ETH in it.

Ethereum is now back towards the $1,200 level after falling as low as $1,100. On November 5, it was trading in the $1,600 region, but then the scandal with the FTX exchange happened, pushing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the entire crypto market down.


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