Snook Crypto-Fueled Game Lands on Arbitrum L2


To make its economics more appealing to retail GameFi customers, the online multiplayer version of Snake, which uses non-fungible tokens as characters, is now available on the biggest L2 platform on Ethereum (ETH). One of the first games to immutably record gameplay and skill accomplishments on the blockchain is this one.

Snook blockchain game kicks off on Arbitrum, dominant Ethereum scaler

Snook, the kill-or-be-killed online recreation of the original “Snake,” is introducing its Arbitrum-based variation. The game will enable payments in Circle’s USDC as well as SNK, Snook’s native cryptocurrency, for in-game purchases and prizes.

All gameplay successes of Snook players are documented on the blockchain because to Arbitrum’s extremely cheap transactional costs and rapid operation. It would be expensive and resource inefficient on every L1 platform.

Snook is poised to establish a new kind of cryptocurrency game in which the market value of its NFTs is based on the amount of expertise and virtual accomplishments achieved by the player.

The Snook team is proud of its most recent successes and emphasises how the new service benefits both seasoned players and beginners:

As part of our proof-of-concept, we are ecstatic to provide players the chance to participate in and utilise a stablecoin in a skill-based game. We’ll be able to learn a lot from the community by making Snook available on Arbitrum, and we’ll utilise that information to decide whether stablecoin assets are more enticing to users than the inherently erratic SNK token.

As a result, both seasoned GameFi users and beginners may put in time and effort into Snook and reap the benefits. While SNK rewards can be traded on the QuickSwap and exchanges, USDC bonuses may be withdrawn instantly.

Novel economic model for better rewards model

Also, the tokenomic layout of Snook’s treasury undergoes a significant change with the expansion to Arbitrum. To make the money allocation policy more dependable and sustainable, the team makes adjustments.

For the sake of diversifying its assets and preserving the value of its in-game economy, Snook’s treasury smart contracts will now be collecting USDC rather than SNK.

Players of Snook may make their tokenized characters engage in endless battles, enhancing their efforts to maintain and even raise the worth of such characters as digital collectibles that can be sold on third-party platforms like Blur or OpenSea.


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