XVIX Review: An Innovative Token That is Revolutionizing The Concept of Value Absorption From Volatility

About XVIX

XVIX is an innovative token that is revolutionizing the concept of value absorption from volatility. As the first non-uniform rebasing token, XVIX provides an innovative method of providing liquidity provision while mitigating sell pressure. By employing this innovative mechanism, XVIX effectively absorbs value fluctuations of market fluctuations to promote long-term investment strategies and maintain stability.

This unique aspect of sets it apart as an attractive investment option in an ever-evolving crypto landscape. Thanks to its groundbreaking design, XVIX stands as an innovator within decentralized finance; leading a new generation of tokens which prioritize stability and liquidity provision.

How It Works

The employs an innovative mechanism that enables it to absorb value from market volatility while incentivizing liquidity provision without creating sell pressure. It accomplishes this through non-uniform rebasing; when market volatility increases, the token’s supply changes accordingly to absorb any price fluctuations and stabilize its value; this alignments perfectly with its objective of minimizing sell pressure during times of market turmoil.

To promote liquidity provision, utilizes an advanced rewards system. Participants who provide liquidity to its ecosystem receive additional tokens as rewards – distributed in such a way as to encourage long-term investing while discouraging short-term selling. By employing non-uniform rebasing and offering attractive returns to liquidity providers, fosters a sustainable ecosystem that balances stability with liquidity.

Through its innovative approach, sets an impressive precedent for future tokens by prioritizing stability and liquidity provision. Its innovative design ensures the token can withstand volatility without creating sell pressure; ultimately creating a safer investment opportunity in an unpredictable crypto space.

XVIX Token

The XVIX token is a new kind of financial instrument that stores value as its price increases. This allows it to have a continually rising floor price against ETH. Anyone can

The floor price is calculated as:

0.9∗(ETHinFloor)/(totalSupplyOfXVIX)0.9 * (ETHinFloor) / (totalSupplyOfXVIX)0.9∗(ETHinFloor)/(totalSupplyOfXVIX)

The Floor is an Ethereum Smart Contract and always behaves according to this specification.

Looking at the formula, there are two main ways for the floor price to increase:

  1. 1.More ETH in the Floor
  2. 2.Less XVIX

More ETH

XVIX can be minted using ETH at a price that follows a bonding curve. This just means that as more is minted, the price to mint also increases.

All ETH received from this minting is sent to the Floor.


Every transfer of XVIX burns 0.43% of the transferred.

Additionally, 0.02% of tokens that are not in vaults or Uniswap liquidity pools are burnt every hour.

These properties decrease the supply of XVIX while incentivising providing liquidity for XVIX.


XVIX Value Absorption

It was specifically created to absorb value from market volatility. By employing non-uniform rebasing, its supply can adapt accordingly and therefore stabilize its value over time, mitigating sudden price changes while protecting investors from sudden price changes.

Non-Uniform Rebasing

XVIX has introduced an innovative mechanism of non-uniform rebasing. Unlike traditional tokens that use uniform rebasing, they employs a more sophisticated method that absorbs value without creating excessive sell pressure; this ensures a more sustainable and balanced ecosystem.

Incentivized Liquidity Provision

This offers attractive incentives to encourage liquidity providers. Participants who provide liquidity to the ecosystem are rewarded with additional tokens; this incentive structure promotes long-term investing strategies over short-term selling, providing stability and liquidity within its ecosystem.

XVIX Stability in Volatile Markets

With its value absorption mechanism and incentivized liquidity provision, The seeks to offer investors a reliable store of value amid an ever-evolving crypto landscape. This makes an attractive investment choice.

Trailblazing Innovation

The use of non-uniform rebasing and its focus on liquidity provision without sell pressure set it apart as an innovative token, setting a precedent for future tokens by providing unique mechanisms that prioritize stability and long-term value preservation.

XVIX Conclusion

Conclusion stands as an innovative token that addresses the problems associated with volatility in the cryptocurrency market. By absorbing value from market fluctuations and using non-uniform rebasing to promote stability and reduce sell pressure, stands as a pioneering initiative promoting stability while alleviating sell pressure. They stands out as an innovative token due to its incentivized liquidity provision that rewards long-term investment strategies.

Thanks to its groundbreaking features and groundbreaking approach, it sets a new standard in tokens by emphasizing stability, liquidity, and value preservation. By adopting non-uniform rebasing for incentivizing liquidity provision without creating sell pressure it also showcases innovative solutions driving forward decentralized finance.


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