Bitcoin’s Hedge Myth Exposed by ‘Black Swan’ Author


The well-known author and academic Nassim Nicholas Taleb recently questioned the notion that Bitcoin serves as a safe-haven asset on Twitter.

Taleb recommended a reconsideration of cryptocurrency’s function as a trustworthy hedge by pointing out the cryptocurrency’s negative track during recent U.S. economic problems, including financing risk and inflation. His remarks triggered heated debate among investors and cryptocurrency fans, with Bitcoiners contending that their preferred cryptocurrency may still act as a hedge.

The expert’s remarks are timely given that the United States is on the verge of a possible financial collapse. The nation’s debt ceiling, which establishes a borrowing cap, is now set at $31.4 trillion. By early June, if Congress has not agreed to raise or suspend this cap, the U.S. Treasury Department could not have enough funds to cover its commitments, which could lead to a default on the nation’s debt.

In this case, the anxiety on the financial markets is growing, and rather than serving as the ostensible safety, Bitcoin’s value appears to be affected by these developments.

In a different tweet, Taleb emphasised the significance of basing investing choices on anticipated future performance rather than historical patterns.

He implied that it is erroneous for people to use Bitcoin’s past performance as an indicator of its future stability. Instead, he advised investors to base their selections on the price of the market at the time.

Taleb’s insights advance the ongoing discussion over Bitcoin’s function as a hedge. Sceptics refer to Bitcoin’s extreme volatility and recent performance as causes for doubt, while supporters claim that it offers protection against inflation and geopolitical upheaval.


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